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How Much Do You Know About Special Trades Contractors Insurance?

As a specialty contractor, you’ve spent many years developing a thorough knowledge of your trade and the skills that it takes to pursue it. But you may not have spent as much time on the business aspects of your company, especially when it comes to special trades contractors insurance.

There are a variety of special trades contractors insurance policies available to help you do a thorough job of protecting your business. But no matter what type of policies you end up purchasing, the way to get the best rates on business insurance for specialty trades is comparison shopping.

Choosing the Right Business Insurance for Specialty Trades
Your choice of special trades contractors insurance will depend on the size of your business, the type of work that you do, the type of customers you have and the size of the jobs that you take on.

One of the most basic coverages in business insurance for specialty trades is business property insurance. This will cover your place of business office and/or storage areas) and any tools or equipment including office equipment and files) that you store there. You’ll also need to make sure that you have a policy or a policy rider to cover tools or equipment in transit from your office or storage location to a job site.

Commercial vehicle coverage is another important special trades contractors insurance. Laws vary by state, but some may require you to buy vehicle liability coverages as part of your business insurance for specialty trades portfolio. Vehicle liability coverage will pay for injuries that your vehicle does to someone else or to someone else’s property. To provide financial protection for damage to your own vehicles, you may want your special trades contractors insurance to include collision insurance as well.

You’ll need workers compensation insurance if you have employees–another coverage required by most state laws. Some general contractors and building owners will also require you to purchase general liability insurance to work on their projects. This type of business insurance for specialty trades will provide you with some financial assistance if something you do–or don’t do–ends up injuring someone or damaging property.

Finding Affordable Special Trades Contractors Insurance
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