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Get Savvy on Business Insurance for Shipping Companies

You take on a lot of responsibilities as the owner of a shipping company. Not only are your customers relying on you to deliver their goods safely and efficiently, but your employees are putting their trust in you as well. If one of your employees dropped a piece of equipment and broke his foot, would you have enough cash to pay for his medical expenses? If you have workers’ comp business insurance for shipping companies you wouldn’t have to pay out of pocket for these costs. In most cases, you are required by state law to purchase workers’ comp. Failure to have this insurance can result in hefty fines. In Missouri, if you fail to provide this coverage to your employees, you will be charged with a class A misdemeanor and be penalized up to three times the annual premium you should have paid. In addition, you will be required to pay the costs of your employees’ injuries. A shipping insurance company can offer you ample shipping insurance coverage to ensure you’re not afflicted with these types of consequences.

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If a customer injured herself slipping on the tile at your business office, could you financially survive a lawsuit? Would you be able to afford the cost of renovating your office if it were severely damaged by windstorm? If you had to stop operations to repair structural damages would your business survive with a loss of revenue? These are the types of questions you want to ask yourself when searching for business insurance for shipping companies.

A commercial general liability insurance policy provides liability insurance to ensure you’re covered if you’re facing a lawsuit for personal injury. Not only will it cover the cost of damages, but it will pay for the cost of your attorney. It provides the same coverage for bodily injury, property damage or advertising injury.

Property insurance covers everything from your buildings), inventory, equipment, and even your business sign if they are damaged. On that same note, if your business structure is damaged and it is not structurally sound to run your business, you can recoup the revenue lost during the time your business premises is being repaired if you thought ahead and supplemented your insurance with business income insurance.

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Business insurance for shipping companies is an important investment. After all, you’ve worked diligently to grow a successful business; you don’t want to take the chance that it could be taken away from you. Business owners know that time is a valuable commodity, so why waste it shopping for shipping insurance companies on your own? NetQuote can put you in contact with several shipping insurance companies that provide business insurance for shipping companies. Fill out one form and you will have multiple quotes from competing shipping insurance companies to compare. With all you’ve put into your business, it’s no question that business insurance for shipping companies is indeed a need.

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