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Professional Liability Insurance for Security Consultants

As a security consultant, the main goal of your business is to increase the safety and protection of your clients. But in doing so, don’t forget to protect your own business and personal assets through security consulting insurance.

What is security consulting insurance?
Your business will need at least two types of insurance–general liability and professional liability insurance for security consultants.

  • General liability will pay for damages or legal fees in the event one of your employees or customers blames your business or services for bodily injury or damage to property.
  • Professional liability insurance for security consultants covers legal fees and judgments or settlements against you or your business for a mistake that causes financial loss or loss of business. This is also known as Errors and Omissions insurance because it covers errors you make.

Some companies offer these types of insurance together as a package, so you don’t need to pay for two separate policies. However, if you want higher coverage limits you may need to purchase them separately.

Other additional security consulting insurance coverage you may want, depending on your needs and the size of your business, include:

  • Workers compensation. If you have employees, this type of insurance will cover medical bills and lost wages in the event an employee is injured on the job. Most states require this if you have more than one person working for you.
  • Umbrella insurance. Also known as excess liability, this covers costs if you exceed your insurance limits. For example, if you are sued for $750,000 and your insurance only covers $500,000, umbrella insurance will kick in and cover the rest.

Why do I need professional liability insurance for security consultants?
Security consultants provide services that require unique insurance coverages most other companies probably won’t need. For example, if a client is sued for negligence, false arrest, battery, or any other job-related offense, they can in turn sue you by claiming you advised them to respond that way. Even if a claim is unfounded, defense fees can quickly add up and end up bankrupting you or putting you out of business if you don’t have insurance.

In addition, most clients will not even consider hiring consultants who do not have security consulting insurance.

How can I save on security consulting insurance?
The best way to find security consulting insurance at an affordable rate is to shop around and compare quotes from different companies that provide this specialized type of insurance. makes this easier than ever, allowing you to find multiple security consulting insurance quotes quickly, giving you peace of mind from knowing you are getting the best coverage at the lowest price.

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