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Roofers Insurance Protects Your Business

As a responsible roofing contractor, you wouldn’t let your workers tackle a job without the necessary tools and equipment: shingles, hammer, nails, and of course, safety gear to protect them in the event of a slip or a fall. But if you’re operating your business without roofers insurance–and especially without roofers liability insurance–you’re working without the tools that you need to see your business through an unexpected disaster.

You may have put off purchasing roofers liability insurance and other roofers insurance policies because you think they will cost too much. But if you don’t have roofers liability insurance, and someone sues you, you could risk losing not only your business but also some personal assets.

You can find affordable rates on roofers liability insurance and other roofers insurance coverages by shopping around and comparing policies from different insurers.

Why You Need Roofers Liability Insurance

Summer thunderstorms can stop work on a job at any time, and your workers know how to protect a job in progress. But what if you came back to a job site to find that the plastic cover you had put in place blew off and the downpours had soaked the ceiling, the furniture and even some of the electronics equipment in the homeowner’s finished attic? The homeowner would expect you to pay for those damages, and might threaten to sue you if you failed to pay.

Would you want to have to pay for those expenses out of your own pocket? If you don’t have some kind of roofers liability insurance coverages, you could end up doing just that.

That’s just one example. There are many other situations that could put you at risk of serious financial exposure. One of the homeowner’s children could step on a nail that your crew had dropped, and require stitches. The homeowner might want you to pick up the tab for the medical care.) One of your workers could drop a few bundles of shingles on the homeowner’s prize shrubs, and you’d have to pay to replace them. Having liability insurance as part of your roofers insurance coverages would help protect you financially in circumstances like these.

Finding the Best Roofers Insurance Rates

Shopping around for liability coverages and other types of roofers insurance doesn’t have to be a time-consuming, drawn out process. Just go to and get competitive quotes from several of the leading insurers in your area. All you have to do is fill out a single form–no phone calls to multiple agents, no filling out forms with the same information again and again. makes the process of getting insurance to protect your business fast and easy. You’ll find it’s an essential tool to have and to use in your search for the best insurance coverages.

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