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Ways to Save on Railroad Insurance

No matter what type of service a rail company operates–excursion, commuter, passenger, freight–and no matter what type of railroad-related service a company provides–owner, operator, contractor or others–those companies need some highly specialized insurance coverages to keep them financially protected in the event of an accident or other disaster. Railroad protective liability insurance is one of the most important coverages for companies working on tracks or doing similar work for a railroad.

To find the best rates on railroad protective liability insurance and other types of railroad insurance try comparison shopping. When you look at policies and rates from several different insurers, it’s easier to find the policy limits that you need at a price that’s affordable.

Considering Railroad Insurance Coverages
Railroad protective liability insurance provides financial protection for the railroad company itself when a contractor is working on the railroad itself or within 50 feet of the railroad. It covers the railroad when something that the contractor does–or omits doing–results in injuries to people or damage to property. Although the contracting company is responsible for purchasing the railroad protective liability insurance policy, this type of insurance offers no protection to the contractor who is doing the work. To protect themselves, contractors must purchase commercial general liability insurance coverages.

Although railroad protective liability insurance must be purchased by the contractor, railroad companies themselves must obtain many other types of railroad insurance. They can include railroad property, rolling stop, railroad liability and pollution/evacuation liability insurance.

An agent experienced in railroad insurance coverages can be a great help to companies that want to reduce their insurance expenses. They can offer suggestions not only on the best coverages but also on ways to control losses over time. Fewer and lower claims pay off in the long term in reduced rates.

Finding the Best Rates on Railroad Insurance
To find great rates on the coverages that they need–and to get in touch with several agents who want and understand railroad insurance–companies that work in the railroad industry only have to go to makes the process of finding insurance easy. Companies simply fill out a single form describing their business and the insurance coverages that they need; within a few days, they’ll receive back quotes from several of the leading insurers in their area. With, the search for insurance is fast, efficient and effective.

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