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Why You Need Liquor Liability Insurance

If you have property insurance and general liability insurance, you may think that you’re all set as far the pub insurance protection that you need. But if you haven’t purchased a separate liquor liability insurance policy or gotten a liquor liability insurance rider on your business owners policy, you’ve left yourself wide open for an expensive lawsuit.

Most general liability insurance policies specifically exclude alcohol-related incidents. Your liability insurance policy might cover you if a patron in your establishment tripped and fell down the stairs, but it would probably not provide coverage if a drunken patron shoved someone and caused them to fall down the stairs. For that you’d need liquor liability insurance.

Some bar owners put off getting pub insurance because they don’t understand the risk that they’re running without the right coverage. Others don’t buy the special liquor coverage for pub insurance because they think they’re too expensive. And they can be.) But defending yourself in court against a lawsuit is an even more costly and time-consuming business.

The best alternative is to find affordable liquor liability insurance. The best way to do that is to shop around and compare the policies and the rates offered by different insurers.

As you do your comparison shopping for pub insurance, make sure to carefully check the exclusions on any policy you’re considering. Are employees covered some policies specifically exclude your employees, but they may have a few drinks after they’ve completed their shifts). Some policies exclude coverage if you’ve served drinks to underage minors, but even the most careful bar owner can sometimes make a mistake. Other policies may exclude payments for assault and battery claims.

The coverage that you choose are up to you, but it’s essential that you understand exactly what you’re comparing when you review various liquor liability insurance policies.

Finding the Best Rates for Pub Insurance
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Just fill out the quote request form you’ll need to provide the basics about your business) and wait a few days. You’ll receive competitive quotes from several different insurers in your area. Compare their offerings and then make your choice of the policy and rates that suit you best.

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