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Proven Pool Hall Insurance Solutions

Whether you operate a small pool hall and bar, or you are developing a complete entertainment property replete with pool tables, a video arcade, and restaurant complex, you need to know a lot more about pool hall insurance. What do you need to cover? How can you get your premiums lower? Are there ways to bundle your coverages together to save? This essay strives to answer these key questions and provide a proven resource to speed up your pool hall insurance shopping and make it vastly more efficient.

Pool Hall Insurance 101
When you own an entertainment facility, you run the risk of your clients getting out of control and hurting themselves. A pool cue is a perfect size to poke out an eye. And a pool ball — when thrown or knocked off a table — could easily cause traumatic brain injury, fractures, or even death. Obviously, you can’t control every action that your customers take, nor does the law expect you to control your customers’ every action. But you do need general liability protection because you never know what can happen on any given night. Say a customer gets stupid and throws a pool ball at his friend and knocks out his eye. The victim might try to sue you because you have deeper pockets than his friend does. Billiards insurance will help pay damages assuming there are any), legal fees and court costs.

If you serve alcohol or food at your establishment, you will need special insurance. Food can spoil or get stolen or damaged. If you serve alcohol, you need special liquor liability insurance. You also need to protect your equipment — your pool cues, tables, computers, art work and all the other assets that you depend on to keep your business running smoothly. If you own your pool hall, you need to insure against damages caused by wind, rain, storm, fire, or electrical problems. Note: you may need to tack on special riders for flood and earthquake coverage.)

If you don’t want to shop for policies individually, you can find pre-packaged billiard insurance policies that combine coverages to simplify things for you. An all purpose pool hall insurance policy keeps the paperwork and bookkeeping under control.

Pool Hall Insurance Cost Control Measures
This may sound like common sense, but the most basic way to keep your pool hall insurance costs reasonable is to maintain a safe facility and make sure that your employees stay well-trained. This means investing the time to teach your bartenders, waiters and waitresses, and maintenance workers “best practices” to stay safe and to keep the facilities debris free — and to handle problematic or drunk customers. It also means paying attention to potential problems before they become liability concerns — problems such as unlighted stairs, slippery bathroom floors, or a poorly designed pool hall layout.

Get help from an agent familiar with pool hall insurance to isolate cost saving tactics and strategies. And, perhaps most importantly, shop around for policies to make sure that you are getting the best possible deal. Look to NetQuote to get 5 + billiard insurance quotes right now. NetQuote works with top rated companies, and our service is 100% free to use.

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