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Locating Superior Property Liability Insurance

Whether you run a medium-sized corporation or you own a small mom and pop enterprise such as a restaurant at a popular strip mall), you crave property liability insurance to protect your assets and keep your costs in check. This primer can provide basic info about this critical type of coverage as well as suggest a hidden resource for you to secure quality protection faster.

Property Liability Coverage 101
What does property insurance do? It essentially does two things. First, it provides protection for both personal business property and real property such as land and buildings) in the event that you suffer a loss due to perils like fire, smoke, vandalism, or sprinkler leakage. Second, it provides protection in the event that your business or someone or something affiliated with it causes property damage or bodily injury to another.

Property insurance — Two approaches can be used to determine the value of your possessions. The first approach — and the cheapest one — is actual cash value ACV). In this paradigm, an insurer will replace your property minus any depreciation due to age or loss of function. Replacement Cost coverage works differently. In this paradigm, your insurer pays whatever it costs to replace the property with new property of equal value. ACV is not “better” or “worse” than replacement cost. It’s just different, and it should be used in different circumstances. For instance, to insure a couch or a computer — something that depreciates rapidly — replacement cost coverage may make more sense.

Liability insurance — Assess dangers specific to your business and industry and get appropriate coverage. For instance, funeral directors need tailored liability packages. Dental and medical professionals need malpractice insurance. Printers need coverage for errors and omissions. Opticians, architects, barbers, florists, and farm owners all can get pre-packaged professional liability policies tailored specifically to industry concerns.

Property Liability Savings Ideas
Optimize your worker safety training to limit accidents. Be sure to get enough insurance — if you underinsure, you leave yourself financially exposed. Raise your deductible, if possible, to get lower premiums. Explore whether joining a professional association or trade group might net you a discount on property liability insurance. Lastly, reassess your coverage needs as your business evolves. The constitution and nature of your work and workforce will change. No business is static — and thus, no property liability insurance package should be static, either.

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