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Protect Your Practice with Psychologist Insurance

You became a psychologist because you wanted to help people overcome emotional difficulties and give them the tools that they need to live a fulfilling, mentally healthy life. But have you provided yourself with all the tools that you need to run an economically healthy psychology practice? If you’ve put off getting psychologist insurance–and especially professional liability insurance for psychologists–you’re leaving yourself vulnerable for a difficult financial situation.

Today even the most skilled psychologists can find themselves accused by a patient of professional misconduct or malpractice. If you don’t have professional liability insurance for psychologists, your practice and even your personal assets could be at risk.

Psychologist insurance can be expensive but there are ways to reduce the costs of professional liability insurance for psychologists. One of the best is to shop around and compare policies coverages and limits) and premiums until you find the one that best fits your needs for psychologist insurance.

The Cost of Your Professional Liability Insurance for Psychologists
The cost of your psychologist insurance will be dictated in part by your own particular situation. Do you practice alone or in a group? Are you employed by a hospital or some other company or organization? Even if that hospital or organization has a liability insurance policy, you’ll want your own psychologist insurance to make sure that you’re fully protected.)

How long have you been in practice? Do you have any type of advanced certification? Have you ever had any malpractice or liability claims filed against you in the past?

Insurance companies will consider all of these factors when determining the rates for your professional liability insurance for psychologists.

Finding Competitive Rates for Psychologist Insurance
When you’re ready to look for the practice insurance you need, remember this website: When you go to you can avoid the initial round of calls to insurance agents and the endless filling out of forms. You do enough of that in your practice every day.)

Just go to, fill out a single form and within a few days you’ll get back several competitive insurance quotes. puts you in touch with the companies that want your insurance business. You can find a company that is willing to work with you to make sure that your psychologist practice has the necessary insurance protections in place to keep it financially healthy for the long term.

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