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The Basics of Legal Malpractice Insurance

As a lawyer, you’re well aware of the litigious nature of our society and have undoubtedly read many times about companies or individuals dragged into court because of frivolous lawsuits against them. But have you protected your legal practice financially with the professional liability insurance for lawyers that you need?

It’s easy to put off looking for legal malpractice insurance. You’re busy, you’ve never had any client threaten to sue you, you think you don’t practice the kind of law that could land you in court. But you don’t need to be practicing high-dollar law to have clients sue you. If you serve as a trustee of an estate or an executor of a will, someone could decide to take issue with the way you’ve done your job. Or maybe certain clients decide that you gave them bad advice on a land deal and decide to sue you for the money they think they lost. Professional liability insurance for lawyers would help you pay legal fees and other costs associated with defending yourself against such charges.

If you’ve hesitated to buy legal malpractice insurance because of its cost, there are ways to reduce the expense of professional liability insurance for lawyers. Shopping around for legal malpractice insurance–comparing carriers, policies and rates–can help you get the liability insurance for lawyers that you need at an affordable yearly cost.

Determining the Costs of Your Professional Liability Insurance for Lawyers
The rates that you pay for your legal malpractice insurance will depend on several factors. The first is the type of law that you practice. Insurers will look at the number of liability claims that are made within that area of law each year to help determine the legal malpractice rates that you should pay.

Another factor is the record of you and your firm when it comes to claims against legal malpractice insurance. If you consistently have clients file suit against you, your rates will naturally be higher than a firm that has few or no claims against it.

In addition, your training, your years of experience and your disciplinary record will also help determine your legal malpractice insurance rates.

Searching for Competitive Legal Malpractice Insurance Rates
When you’re ready to search for liability insurance for lawyers, you don’t have to spend weeks researching the best deals. Just go to, enter the requested information about your practice and get back competitive quotes from several leading insurers in your area. Review the offerings and select the policy and the rates that best suits your particular situation.

You wouldn’t neglect a vital protection for a client you’re representing. So why would you neglect to get the financial protection you need to keep your firm financially sound despite litigation against it? Go to for the fast and easy way to find the insurance protection that you need.

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