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Podiatrist Insurance Dilemmas and Solutions

As a practicing podiatrist — whether you own your own private practice or you work in an office or a hospital — you know how important it is to lock down a good podiatrist malpractice insurance policy. After all, if you or one of your staff makes a mistake or an error of omission that results in serious harm to a patient, you could get sued, and your business could be torpedoed if you don’t have proper protection. This article strives to demystify podiatrist insurance and explore some cool and useful resources for measuring and mitigating your risks.

Podiatry Malpractice Insurance — and Beyond
Podiatry malpractice insurance may cover you for surgical and non-surgical procedures. Surgery entails risk always. But even non-surgical procedures can result in patient complaints. For instance, say you tried to remove a planter’s wart on an older woman. The inpatient procedure didn’t go perfectly. After the procedure, the women sued you for chronic pain in her foot and leg.

Malpractice insurance is not your only concern. If you own a clinic, you must worry about property and premises liability. For instance, say weather damage destroys your office computers or medical tools and diagnostic equipment. You need coverage to get those assets repaired/replaced ASAP. Alternatively, say someone slips and falls on your property e.g. gets hurt in your waiting room). Premises liability coverage protects you.

If you have several employees working for you — secretaries, nurses, other doctors, etc — you need workers’ compensation insurance. You might also consider business interruption insurance as well as disability, life, health, and more. In short, your podiatrist insurance package can get quite sprawling and out of hand — even if you mindfully pare down coverage and aim to cut corners. Given all the possibilities above and beyond simple podiatry malpractice insurance, how can you square away your needs in a way that leaves you satisfied and minimally exposed?

A Complete Podiatrist Insurance Solution
One easy option is to opt for a complete podiatrist insurance package — this is basically a bunch of coverages bundled up in a single policy. The advantages here include: a bundled package is simpler, easier to track, and less time-consuming to shop for. Disadvantages include: you might pay more than you would if you shopped individual components of the policy individually. Also, even a relatively complete podiatrist insurance package won’t be totally comprehensive — that is, you still will likely need coverage above and beyond. Another way to go is to have an agent familiar with your industry help you draft a “best case scenario” for your insurance and then work with you to get that coverage at a price that you name.

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