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Pull the Plug on High Rates for Plumbing Contractors Insurance

Could your plumbing business survive a lawsuit? No matter how careful you are to run your business safely and to perform only quality work, there are sometimes circumstances that could put you at risk for legal action. A defective part that you unknowing installed could break, flooding a business and causing thousands of dollars in damage. Your plumbing company van could be involved in an accident in which someone is seriously injured. Whatever the situation, having the right plumbing contractors insurance can help your company survive financially. In the case of financial protection against lawsuits, that means plumber liability insurance.

You may think that plumber liability insurance and other types of plumbing contractors insurance are too expensive for you to purchase. Or if you already have a plumber liability insurance policy, you may feel that the rates you’re paying are too high. But there are ways to make plumber liability insurance more affordable.

Cutting Plumbing Contractors Insurance Rates
Shopping around for prices is the normal procedure when you’re looking for materials for a job. But is it part of your typical process when you’re buying liability insurance and other plumbing contractor’s insurance policies? Don’t assume that every insurer offers the same coverages at similar prices. Policy limits, the coverages included and the premiums you’ll pay can vary by hundreds of dollars depending on which insurance carrier you choose. Compare the offerings from several companies before you make a decision.

There are other ways to save on plumber liability insurance, business property insurance, commercial vehicle insurance and the other coverages you’ll want in your plumbing contractor’s insurance portfolio. You can raise your policy deductibles, for example, or ask about discounts for carrying your personal insurance and business insurance with the same carrier.

Some carriers offer special business owners policies that are targeted to particular groups such as trade contractors or, even more specifically, plumbing contractors. These policies usually include the most commonly requested coverages business property and general liability) in one package, and cost less than similar separate policies.

The Best Way to Shop Around for Plumbing Contractors Insurance
As a busy business owner you may think that shopping around and comparing policies is going to take too much time away from your primary job–running your company. But comparison shopping no longer requires multiple phone calls to insurance agents and long hours spent filling out information forms. Finding competitive insurance rates takes just one quick visit to, where you’ll fill out a single form about your business insurance needs. will respond with quotes from several of the top insurers in your area–companies that want your business and want to save you money. helps you find the business insurance coverage you need to survive lawsuits or any other disaster that could threaten your company’s financial security.

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