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Pet Industry Insurance Solutions

Whether you are a trainer, a kennel owner, a mobile groomer, or a manufacturer of food or toys for animals, you want solutions for your pet industry insurance questions. After all, your budget is tight, and you are struggling to keep your head above water in a competitive industry. You need to keep costs down. But you also need insurance for pet stores, groomers, and trainers that protects you against liability and reduces your potential exposure. This essay will spell out some crucial things to examine as you search for your best coverage.

Understanding Insurance for Pet Stores, Groomers, and Trainers

First off, if you own a brick and mortar store, you need business property insurance as well as insurance to cover assets like equipment, computers, display cases, and anything else that is valuable and necessary for your business. If you transport animals, you need special auto insurance for your mobile van or trailer. You also want general liability to cover you for fire damage and other damage to your premises, partial injury, advertising injury, and medical/hospital bills.

Business Insurance for Pet Groomers

You need workers’ compensation if you have employ 4 + people. This pays for things like medical bills, missed income, rehab, and death benefits. Business interruption insurance is crucial for many policyholders. If your operation shuts down temporarily, your business income protection can kick in, supplying your company with crucial revenue to keep it operating. You can also find job specific packages — veterinarians, boarding kennel owners and groomers may need their own special liability packages. And you may also need special pet industry insurance for the care, custody, and control of animals.

Pet Industry Insurance Cost Control

We have discussed a slate of insurance for pet stores, groomers, and trainers. And, frankly, our discussion only touched on the basics. Your agent can likely suggest other kinds of coverage to consider to ensure you get the best “bang” for your pet industry insurance buck.

Given the diversity of the available protection, how can you get costs down to a reasonable level? One obvious point is to operate a safe business. Train your employees. Take extra care of animals in your custody. Comply strictly with rules, ethical obligations, and your state and federal law. Conform to industry “best practices.”

“Take the temperature” of your coverage regularly — and at least annually, if not more often. After all, your pet industry insurance needs will evolve as your business dynamically changes as you take on new clients, add vehicles to your fleet, hire new workers, etc). To respond efficiently, you need to analyze what the pet insurance industry “thinks” about your business’ risk. One great way to do that is to get free quotes and compare them. NetQuote — a 100% free and respected service — can deliver 5 or more) free quotes to you now. Take advantage of our fast online quote form to grab quotes and super charge your pet industry insurance shopping.

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