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Pet Groomer Insurance 101

You entered the pet grooming industry because you love animals and you delight in being able to beautify them and keep them healthy and happy. But whether you operate a mom and pop grooming shop or you manage a more ambitious operation that involves grooming, veterinary services, and boarding, you need to understand pet groomer insurance basics. This essay will boil down the coverages you might need and suggest a battle proven resource to improve the quality of your shopping.

Pet Groomer Insurance Essentials
First and foremost, you almost certainly need comprehensive liability coverage. When you handle pets — even tame, calm, well adjusted animals — anything can happen. If a dog bites one of your workers or clients; if an animal escapes your store, darts into traffic, and causes a crash; or if, in the process of grooming an animal, something goes terribly wrong, and you cause serious injury or even death to the pet, your business could be required to pay out damages. These could include the medical bills of any one hurt, veterinary bills, rehabilitation bills, wages lost at work, and on and on. So you need to make sure that your liability coverage is strong.

You may also need special animal coverage as well as protection for your business’ property and equipment. If you own your facility, you will need to cover potential damage to your facility due to rain, wind, fire, electrical problems, vandalism, theft, and other perils. Your pet groomer insurance policy package should also include workers compensation if you have four or more people working for you. If you have special vehicles that you use to shuttle animals, you will need business auto insurance. You may also want protection against loss of income — so, if something shuts down your business — inclement weather, bad publicity, whatever — you get some guaranteed continuity to your income stream.

Believe it or not, these aforementioned coverages barely scratch the surface. Other pet groomer insurance categories, for instance, include group, life, health, dental, and disability.

A Strategic Way to Approach Pet Groomer Insurance
From the above discussion, you may fear that this whole process of shopping for pet grooming insurance will take forever. One way forward is simply to get pre-packaged pet groomers insurance. Basically, this consists of relevant coverages bundled up into a single policy. It keeps things simpler and more condensed. Another method is to seek out people who have been through this process before for advice — including other pet groomers and knowledgeable insurance agents.

Your priority to optimize your pet grooming insurance should be an ongoing one. Protecting your business is important. It is not something you “do once” and then forget about. Presumably, ideally, your business will grow and change over the years. And as you take on new clients and new responsibilities, your insurance needs will change. So keep reassessing your pet groomer insurance requirements to make sure that you get relevant, well priced protection.

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