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Protect Yourself Financially with Personal Service Business Insurance

A personal services business might not seem like a hazardous undertaking, but you face situations every day that could put you at financial risk. So whether spend your days walking dogs for clients, running their errands or whipping up gourmet meals for them, you need to know that you’re protected with personal services insurance. Shopping around and comparing personal services insurance policies and premiums is the way to ensure that you get the best coverages at the most affordable rates.

Determining Your Personal Service Business Insurance Needs
The type of personal services insurance coverages that you’ll need will vary with the type of business that you’re operating. If you’re a gourmet cook, for example, you’ll need business property insurance so you could replace your expensive pots, pans and other equipment if you lost them in a fire. A dog walking business would not have that same type of overhead investment to protect.

Be aware, however, that if you run your business from your home, your homeowners insurance policy usually would not cover equipment used in your business if your home was damaged or destroyed in a fire. You’d need a separate personal service business insurance policy for that financial protection.

If you use your car or other vehicle in your business for running errands or simply getting to and from work, your personal services insurance should include commercial vehicle insurance. You’ll want to check out both liability coverages which pays for harm you do to someone else or to someone else’s property) and collision insurance which pays for damage to your own vehicles).

One personal services insurance coverage that you can’t be without is liability insurance. What if a dog got away while you were walking him and was struck by a car? What if you forgot to pick up a client’s prescription and the client had a medical complication because the medicine wasn’t there? What if your special gourmet pizza–usually loved by your clients–made someone seriously ill? Having liability insurance as part of your personal services insurance can protect your from losing your business and, depending on how your business is structured, your personal property as well.

The Easy Way to Compare Personal Service Business Insurance Rates
A good personal services contractor knows the best way to get things done for clients, saving them time and money. To give yourself those same benefits, visit when it’s time to compare policies and rates on your personal service business insurance.

All you have to do is fill out a single form at the website, then sit back and wait for quotes on your personal services insurance from leading insurance agents in your area. These agents represent companies who want your business and who will compete to get it. With you’ll get the insurance coverages that you need to protect your personal services business financially so that you can continue to provide those important services to your customers.

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