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Save Money by Comparing Rates on Personal Services Liability Insurance

As a successful personal services contractor, you never take your clients needs lightly. When they need something from you–an errand run, a child taken to an appointment, a dinner party planned–you make sure that you’re prepared for the job and that you complete it to their satisfaction. But do you take the needs of your own business just as seriously? If you haven’t compared rates on your personal service contractors insurance within the last year or two, you could be missing out on an opportunity to save money. To be sure you’re getting the best rates and the best coverages on your personal services liability insurance, you need to shop around among different insurances to check out their policies.

Why You Need Personal Services Liability Insurance
Whether you walk a client’s dogs, run errands for them or escort an elderly parent to a doctor’s appointment, your clients are entrusting you with something that’s important to them. So if they feel that you haven’t performed a service the way that you should–whether that perception is justified or not–they may take some kind of legal action against you. That’s where the liability coverages of your personal service contractors insurance kicks in.

Personal services liability insurance will protect you by covering any medical expenses if a customer or even some third party is injured by something you’ve done. For example, if you’re a personal chef, the liability portion of your personal service contractors insurance would pay for doctor and/or hospital expenses if a meal you served was found to cause food poisoning. If an elderly patient tripped and broke a hip while in your care and your clients sued you, your personal services liability insurance would pick up the medical expenses for that patient and cover any legal expenses, such as lawyers fees or a judgment against you.

The cost of your personal service contractors insurance will vary according to the type of services you provide; a personal chef, for example, may be at greater risk for a claim than a personal organizer. The cost of your personal services liability insurance will also depend on the policy limits that you choose and on the deductibles that you’re willing to handle. The higher the deductible, the lower the rates you’ll pay for your personal service contractors insurance.

The Fast Way to Find Great Rates on Personal Services Liability Insurance
There are a couple of ways that you can approach your search for competitive rates on the liability insurance that you need. There’s the traditional approach–call agents all over town, fill out similar forms again and again–or the modern, streamlined approach– With there’s no repeating information for each insurance agent–you fill out a form describing your business, forwards the information to insurers and you get back competitive quotes from several of the leading insurers in your area. really is the fast and easy way to get the best quotes and to save money on your business insurance.

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