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Compare Rates and Policies When Choosing Painters Insurance

Painting contractors may not be responsible for the structural integrity of a building but the work they do will impact its aesthetic appeal. The best painting contractors take their role seriously, choosing their tools and materials carefully to create the effects that the building owner desires. They also take the business side of their company seriously, and that means choosing liability insurance for painters and other painters insurance coverages carefully. Savvy painting professionals shop around for the policies with the best coverages and the best rates.

Painters Business Insurance Coverage

Painters Insurance: the Coverages You Need

There’s an obvious need for some types of painters insurance coverages. Business property insurance, for example, would cover your losses if the place where you store your paints and equipment was destroyed in a fire. If your company van was involved in an accident on the way to a job, the commercial vehicle coverages of your painters insurance policies would help you cover the medical costs of anyone injured and help pay for damages to vehicles yours and others.

You’ll also need liability insurance for painters. Painting contractors and their employees share some of the same risks faced by many other types of construction workers. They may be called on to work on high scaffolding; a brush or paint bucket falling from that height could cause seriously injure someone. Liability insurance for painters would also come into play if painting crews were scraping old doors and windows in preparation for a new paint job and inadvertently exposed the building’s inhabitants to flakes of lead paint. Liability insurance for painters would protect you financially if someone filed a lawsuit against you in either instance.

If you hire people to work for you, another type of painters insurance coverage you’ll require is workers compensation, which pays for health care treatment and/or lost wages if one of your employees suffers an on-the-job injury.

Checking Rates for Painters Insurance

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