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Tune Your Band Liability Insurance

Even if the venue you play at carries liability insurance it’s a good idea to purchase a band liability insurance policy of your own. Whether you play country, rock, jazz, hip hop, folk or are a one-man band, you have a responsibility to protect your fans. All too often excited followers get lost in the music and start flailing about. Within seconds that fan could get injured or cause an injury to someone else just by knocking over a piece of equipment. If the owner of the venue places the blame on your band rather than claiming the injuries on her insurance, you could find yourself in the middle of a nasty legal battle. In instances such as this, your band liability insurance company would take care of your legal costs. Music band insurance is invaluable as well if you unintentionally cause property damage while performing. However, proving your actions were accidental might require you to go to court as well.

Band Liability Insurance

Insuring Your Band Equipment

In addition to band liability insurance, it’s imperative you insure your equipment. From a guitar head to a cabinet, pedal board, drums, keyboards, microphones, you name it; a music band insurance policy for your equipment can be protected from loss or damage. Simply name the items you want insured on your policy and your music band insurance company will cover it. However, you might have trouble insuring a guitar with a broken neck, but your agent will do his best to cover all the items you desire within reason. By having your equipment appraised, you can sign an agreed value contract with your music band insurance company. This type of agreement acknowledges how much your equipment is worth so there is no confusion as to how much you should be compensated if there is a valid claim on the insured equipment. However, you can still insure your equipment without an appraisal. Simply agree upon your equipment’s market value with your music band insurance agent to establish an actual cash value. You will then determine your premium by deciding how much money you would like to be paid if the insured property is damaged or destroyed. Just like with any purchase, it’s good to understand that the market value of the insured items will decrease in value over time.

Flawless Support

At every gig something’s bound to go wrong. Usually it’s something minor like a missed note or a diminutive ding on your drum set, but it only takes one time for an energetic fan to get severely injured to put you in front of a judge. With band liability insurance you can rest easy knowing your legal costs are paid for. To get the best, most affordable music band insurance use NetQuote to search out companies that can help you. We have an inventory of insurance companies that know they are in competition for your business. Just go to, fill out an easy form and we’ll send several music band insurance quotes directly to your computer. It seems as though very few things in life come without a price tag, but you can rest assured that you won’t have to spend a cent with NetQuote services.

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