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Stay in Good Financial Shape with Personal Trainer Insurance

You thought that the client you’d been working with for several months was ready for a bigger challenge, but instead of mastering the half-marathon your client ended up with a serious injury that limited his mobility for several months. It’s fortunate that you have professional liability insurance for personal trainers.

Maybe that client won’t sue you for providing bad advice or what he saw as bad advice). But in today’s litigious society it pays to be prepared with adequate personal trainer insurance. Unless you have the appropriate professional liability insurance for personal trainers, you could be putting your personal assets–and your financial future–at risk.

You may think that if you’re employed by a fitness center you won’t require your own policy for professional liability insurance for personal trainers. But having your own personal trainer insurance policy is a good idea even if you have some type of personal trainer insurance policy through work.

If a customer of the fitness center sues for advice you’ve given, the lawsuit may name you as personally responsible. A personal trainer insurance policy purchased by the center is unlikely to cover you in such circumstances. You also have to remember that lawyers working for the center and paid through its professional liability insurance for personal trainers’ policy may not have your best interests a heart. Their primary client is the center.

Comparison Shopping Yields Best Rates for Personal Trainer Insurance
When you’re looking for best rates on professional liability insurance for personal trainers, nothing works as well as shopping around and comparing policies from different companies. makes the comparison process easier for you by saving you time on the legwork.

Instead of making calls to insurance agents all over town and filling out countless forms, just go to and fill out one simple online request form describing your personal trainer business. In just a few days you’ll get back competitive quotes for personal trainer insurance from several local insurers. You review the policies and the rates, contact agents if you have any additional questions and then make your choice.

Don’t put off getting insurance coverage you need because you’re afraid it will cost too much. Go to to find great coverages at great rates.

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