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Why You Need Professional Liability Insurance for Attorneys

If you own a law firm, you may already have purchased several types of attorneys insurance necessary to running a business–property insurance, general liability insurance, workers compensation insurance and more. But have you considered professional liability insurance for attorneys? Without that type of attorneys insurance, you could be putting not only your practice but also your personal assets at risk.

Although professional liability insurance for attorneys can be one of the most costly types of attorneys insurance, there are ways to find affordable coverage. Shopping around for attorneys insurance coverages will help you find the most best policy coverages at the most affordable rates.

Determining Your Costs for Liability Insurance for Attorneys
There are several factors that will determine the rates that you pay for the liability coverages in your attorneys insurance. One is the type of work that you do. Does most of your work involved court cases or do you primarily provide advice to clients on matters like wills, partnership agreements, and similar documents? The risks for each are different, and the rates for the applicable coverages will be different, too.

Insurers considering your application for professional liability insurance for attorneys will also want to look at the track record of your firm and the individual attorneys working for you. What kind of experience and training do your attorneys have? Has the state bar taken any disciplinary actions against them? Does your firm have many malpractice claims against it? What policies and procedures are in place to reduce your risks of claims against your company?

A Fast Way to Find Great Rates on Attorneys Insurance
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So don’t put your business or personal assets at risk. Go to and find the insurance that you need for your law firm at an affordable price.

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