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Plug the Leaks in your Plumber Insurance

You’ve built a reputation for quality work for your plumbing business, a reputation you’ve guarded carefully with great customer service and skilled workmanship. But do you take the same care when it comes to selecting business insurance for plumbers? If you don’t have the right plumber insurance in place when your business suffers a disaster–a fire, a flood, a lawsuit–not even the best reputation in town can protect you from financial problems.

To make sure that you have the plumber insurance coverages that you need for your particular business–and to get the best rates on business insurance for plumbers–you need to compare policies and rates offered by several different insurers.

Protecting Your Investment with Business Insurance for Plumbers
Being a successful plumber requires you to have good tools and good manpower. You can protect both with various types of plumber insurance coverages.

The business property protections in your plumber insurance portfolio should cover the tools that you use on the job as well as the behind-the-scenes office equipment computers, faxes, printers, file cabinets, etc.) that you use to run your business. You’ll want to be sure that any business property insurance policy includes protection for your tools when they’re in your office or storage facility, in transit or on a job site.

When you’re considering business property, you’ll also have to decide if you want replacement cost or cash value policies for your plumber insurance coverages. The advantage of having your business insurance for plumbers on a replacement cost basis is that you’d have money to actually replace or repair all your equipment immediately if it was destroyed or damaged in a fire or other disaster. The disadvantage is that it costs more. You’ll pay lower premiums for a cash value policy, but it will provide payouts based on the depreciated value of your tools and equipment, so you might be limited as to how much equipment you can replace.

Other business insurance for plumbers coverages you’ll want include commercial vehicle policies collision and liability), which will provide financial protection if one of the vehicles you use in your business is involved in a crash. Liability policies will protect you in the event that you’re sued for causing harm to someone or to some property because of something that you did or didn’t do.

Workers comp offers the first line of protection for your employees, but you may also want to consider providing them with health insurance, disability insurance, life insurance and other benefits that will keep them happy working for you.

Great Rates Help Fill Holes in Your Plumber Insurance
You may be thinking, ‘I’d love to have all those insurance protections, but it would be too expensive.’ That’s where shopping around–and specifically shopping around with–can help. When you go to and fill out a form, you’ll get back competitive quotes from several insurers–quotes that can save you money while getting you the insurance protection your business deserves. Just as you’re earning your reputation for quality plumbing every day, is earning a reputation for putting plumbing contractors and other business people in touch with insurance companies that save them money.

See how much you could save today on your insurance. Get your free business insurance quotes today!

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