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Minding Your Coverage: Liability Insurance for House Sitters

Whether you temporarily reside in a home or make routine visits to a residence, you need to protect your business with professional liability insurance for house sitters. Professional liability also known as errors and omissions insurance is designed to protect policyholders from claims against their business’ services. House sitters are hired to watch over clients’ residential structures, obstruct hazards and ensure everything stays in working order. As a professional house sitter it seems impossible to imagine that you could fail to see a serious problem, but the reality is mistakes happen. For instance, say your client has a swimming pool and, while they have it serviced bi-weekly, they want you to check the water level and make sure it doesn’t fall below a certain point. After a couple of weeks you recognize that the water levels don’t dip very much so you become a bit lackadaisical on your inspections. But then a heat wave develops and burns away water. When the pool attendant stops by for services he tells you the pump is shot because it lacked sufficient water supply. When your client discovers your oversight she wants financial compensation to replace the pump. Professional liability insurance for house sitters can pay for an expense such as this. This house sitting insurance also pays for legal fees if a client decides to sue for damages. It’s important that your employees are included on your professional liability insurance for house sitters if you run an operation where your team performs house sitting responsibilities.

Take it for the Team

Adding workers compensation to your house sitting insurance plan ensures your business’ employees are reimbursed for medical costs if they are injured on the job. Say an employee stops by a clients’ residence to inspect the property and breaks her wrist after falling from a ladder. She would need medical treatment and probably prescription medication. Her injuries could encumber her ability to work to boot. House sitting insurance with workers compensation would pick up the tab for her medical bills and pay her for lost wages while she heals.

Tend to Your Needs

You may need to add commercial auto insurance to your house sitting insurance if you or your employees drive for work-related purposes. Your house sitting insurance agent will explain which coverages are necessary and which ones are simply beneficial. If you let NetQuote contact companies that provide professional liability insurance for house sitters you can avoid calling around or stopping by local offices. Take a few minutes to fill out a simple form on and house sitting insurance companies will assemble quotes specific to your needs. With our free service you can go about your business and review these quotes in your free time. You are not obligated to choose house sitting insurance coverage from these providers, but we’re certain you won’t be disappointed with our results.

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