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Get Your Mind in the Gutter: Gutter Cleaning Liability Insurance

Fortunately for you, siphoning the mess that collects in a gutter isn’t appealing to many home or business owners. It’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it. You realized there was a need for this specialized service which is why you make a profit off it. But have you taken the time to understand the importance of gutter installation and gutter cleaning liability insurance? Gutter contractor insurance with liability coverage will protect you and your company if for some reason injuries or property damage occurs due to your business. For example, say you’re performing a cleaning when your ladder slips out from underneath you leaving you dangling from the gutter. You safely get back on the ground, but the damage done to the gutter is instantly recognizable. Gutter cleaning liability insurance would pay for your client’s property damage. Gutter cleaning and gutter installation liability insurance also foots the bill if a customer files a lawsuit. Furnishing the finances for a lawsuit could inevitably put you out of business if you’re forced to go at it on your own.

Gutter Contractor Insurance

Channel Your Options

If your gutter installation business takes off you might want to hire on an extra body or two to help carry the workload. Your gutter contractor insurance can cover gutter installation liability insurance for your employees) as well, but you should also look into a workers compensation policy. On-the-job injuries real or not) happen all the time. If one of your employees falls and breaks his wrist while working, you will be responsible for his medical bills, treatment and lost wages. But with workers compensation protecting you those bills fall in the hands of your gutter contractor insurance company. If that employee claims that your business caused his injuries he may want to sue. Workers compensation comes into play in this type of situation, paying the expenses for the lawsuit. Remember: gutter installation liability insurance pays for damages and injuries to others but it excludes employees.

Entrench Your Establishment

Depending on the size of your clientele and business assets, gutter contractor insurance for your business property might be necessary. This coverage will pay for damages or loss of your business items including computers, equipment, business structures), landscaping and furniture. If your office is at home and your work property is minimal, you may be able to add an endorsement to your current homeowners policy. However, you may require an in-home business policy or a business owners policy, depending on the amount of insurance coverage you need.

A Quick Fix

Purchasing gutter installation liability insurance is rather affordable and offers valuable coverage. Adding coverage to your gutter contractor insurance plan probably costs less than you imagine as well. Find out exactly how much you would be spending on gutter contractor insurance by shopping around. It can take days to scout out individual insurance companies on your own. You can get the same results or better) by taking 10 minutes to fill out a form on Our free service is fast, dependable and will provide you with quotes from several companies offering gutter contractor insurance.

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