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Gas Station Insurance: More Than a Small Business Policy

You may have started running a gas station with a general idea of what’s required in terms of business insurance for gas station owners. The property policy is just like buying home insurance, right? And then you’ll need a little liability for a few on-site risks, right? Think again. Gas station insurance is actually much more involved, and requires some specific types of coverage. The premium for these doesn’t have to get out of hand, however; by comparing quotes, you can insure your station for a low monthly rate.

Gas Station Insurance and Permits
Indirectly, you’re required to buy gas station insurance. How so? Well, there are quite a few permits you need to legally operate your business. And to acquire those permits, you’ll first need the right kinds of business insurance for gas station owners. There are permits for storing gas and for selling gas. There are even more that are necessary for selling other items, such as food, and for operating a car wash. You can usually package all of these in a single policy, which helps save money.

The Environment and Business Insurance for Gas Station Owners
Where you live, from Alabama to Wyoming, plays the biggest role here. State legislatures control the environmental laws for gas station insurance. But in all likelihood, you’ll have to be covered against just about any leaks and spills. It’s generally a good idea to buy separate tank insurance, too. Remember, adhering to the law is just one part of your success as a business owner. When an environmental problem arises, you can expect the public to get upset. It’s best to get the right coverage before this happens.

Liability Concerns
Business insurance for gas station owners also protects you from the many potential liability concerns, such as customers who get injured in the store area, sick from fumes, or whose car is damaged in the car wash. To avoid paying for their car, or their medical bills, or any court costs in these scenarios, compare quotes for gas station insurance with comprehensive liability coverage.

The Single Best Gas Station Insurance
Always remember this one thing: if you sell it, you need gas station insurance for it. This goes for anything you sell, from groceries to liquor to lottery tickets. If you add a new service along the way, you may need to expand your coverage. This isn’t a problem if you shop around for gas station insurance. You’ll be able to afford a single policy, tailored to every kind of coverage you need, if you let compare quotes for business insurance for gas station owners. This free service specializes in saving money on great coverage for business owners. And besides making money, what’s better than saving?

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