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Grounded Solutions to Exotic Pet Insurance Problems

Whether you operate a veterinary clinic that accepts exotic pets like birds, snakes, pot belly pigs, and iguanas; or you own a grooming or boarding service, you need solid, creditable answers to concerns you have about exotic pet insurance. This essay aims to demystify the shopping process and introduce you to a free resource you can use to make the most out of your insurance dollar.

Pet Bird Insurance — and Beyond
When you run a business that caters to birds, you face a gamut of curious problems. Birds in your custody may self-mutilate or feather pick. They may require special surgeries e.g. neoplasia). They may need x-rays, emergency medical treatment, lab work, and prescription medications. Also, birds — or any other exotic pets — can potentially harm your staff or people who visit your store. If, for instance, a young child visits your pet shop and gets bitten by a beaver or a hedgehog, your business could be sued for the child’s medical bills, rehabilitation, and psychological trauma. Even if you are ultimately found not guilty in such a liability case, if you lack exotic pet insurance, you will have to pay for things like your legal defense and court costs out of pocket.

If you transport exotic pets, you will need insurance for your autos, vans, kennels, and trailers. If you have employees, you will need workers compensation as a component of your exotic pet insurance package. Other kinds of insurance to consider include disability, health, life, dental, business interruption, and protection for the actual physical store or property that you own.

How to Keep Pet Bird Insurance from Flying to Sky High Heights
Our discussion about exotic pet insurance may make you feel like there might not be a quick and smooth solution to your insurance quandaries. And indeed, beyond simple liability issues, exotic pet insurance is a much more complex, intricate, and some might say) fascinating field than many small business owners realize. Fortunately, you don’t need to deal with all of the different complexities to get “good enough” coverage.

One down and dirty solution is to opt for a pre-packaged exotic pet insurance policy. Essentially, this is a buffet of relevant coverages packed into one policy, so you don’t have to shop and tailor your coverages. Friends in the industry — and/or an insurance agent who specializes in pet bird insurance — can also help you identify solutions and shortcuts.

Other simple ways to lower your exotic pet insurance premiums include: raise your deductible, shop around for quotes, stay with a carrier for a while to get a loyalty discount and/or a multiline discount), be a “low claims” client, and review your coverage regularly to ensure that you buy the right amount of protection — and no more.

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