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Electricians’ Business Insurance: Compare Rates to Avoid Sticker Shock.

Did you experience a jolt when you opened up the bill for your electricians’ business insurance this year? Increased competition has you cutting your bids to the bone but it seems like your expenses keep going up. You may be able to put a dent in the cost of your electrician insurance, however. There’s a wide range of electricians’ business insurance policies and rates out there, and you may be able to get better electrician insurance coverages at more competitive prices. All you have to do is shop around and compare policies and premiums.

The Basics of Electricians’ Business Insurance
When it comes to protecting your investment in your business, you probably think first of your tools and equipment. You’ll want business property coverages in your electricians’ business insurance that provide financial protection not only when those tools are in your office but also when you’re in transit or using them on a job site. Your business property policy will also cover your business premises in the event of fire.

Your electrician insurance portfolio should also include commercial vehicle coverages for any vehicles that you use in your business. There are both liability and collision coverages available.

Liability insurance is another essential electricians’ business insurance coverage. This type of electrician insurance will protect you financially if work you’ve done causes harm improperly installing an electrical device, for example) or if you’ve failed to do something properly and someone has gotten hurt as a result someone is shocked because you used the wrong type of grounded outlets in a bathroom).

If you have employees, you’ll be required to include workers comp among your electrician insurance coverages. If you want to hire and retain good employees–and after all, they’re the ones who keep your company in business–you may want to consider group insurance coverages such as health, disability and life insurance.

Find Great Rates on Electricians’ Business Insurance
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