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A Flair for Security: DJ Liability Insurance

To run a successful DJ business you need equipment, talent and clientele. The equipment requires cash. Talent comes naturally but with a bit of practice as well. Clientele? Well, that’s probably the hardest part. Whether you advertise or go by word of mouth you need to explore every avenue available to you, and when you interview with a potential client you should have all the existing ammunition to land the deal. One way to ensure a potential client that you are the person to do the job is to provide them with proof of DJ liability insurance. Liability insurance for DJs provides protection to your client, her guests and her property. With this type of DJ insurance she will be reimbursed for any injuries or property damage caused by your company. For instance, if you accidently bash a piece of equipment in your client’s wall your DJ liability insurance will pay for the damage. It’s unlikely she would sue seeing as you’d agree to pay to repair her wall, but if for some reason she felt it was necessary to take legal action your liability insurance for DJs would pay for your legal costs.

Property Insurance for the Independent
As a DJ you have the freedom to pick where your office will be. But whether you own or rent a space to store your equipment, file your paperwork and house your computer, you should choose DJ insurance that covers your property. If you own an office outside your home it’s recommended you purchase a policy that covers its structure, land and personal property. Your DJ insurance policy for property can pay for a loss or damage caused by things such as a fire, theft, accidental water damage or falling objects, depending on the policy. Those who rent their business space need only purchase insurance to cover the cost of personal property as the property owner is responsible for damages to the structure and land. DJ businesses based at a residence require property insurance as well as a basic homeowners insurance policy only provides limited coverage. You can add an endorsement to your current homeowners policy or purchase a separate in-home business or business owners policy to insure all of your business possessions. In your line of work it’s important to ask your DJ insurance agent if your business equipment is covered off your business’ premises as well.

Facilitate a Commercial Auto Plan
You’re required to transport your equipment to each job site which is why business auto liability insurance for DJs is important. If you cause an accident, DJ liability insurance for your business vehicle will pay for the consequential injuries and property damage. It also pays the insured for injuries and damages caused by a hit-and-run driver or uninsured motorist.

Bank Your Revenue
You can save money on DJ insurance if you combine policies with the same company or if you opt for a higher deductible, but experts agree that the best way to save is to shop around. Just surfing the Internet you’ll find several companies that offer DJ insurance, but the time it takes to call each company to ask about coverages might not be in your best interest. After all, time is money. Instead, give NetQuote a shot. Our free service scouts out companies that match our clients’ needs. Just fill out a simple form on and we’ll send several DJ insurance quotes directly to your email.

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