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Demolition Insurance: Destroy Your Risks

You would never begin a new demolition project without first properly assessing the site and the labor and material requirements. Likewise, you should never get started without covering yourself against liability. That’s why demolition insurance is just as important as the work you do. One mistake, one serious injury, and all your efforts could unravel. Luckily, an online search for demolition contractors insurance can yield incredible coverage for a very fair premium.

Demolition Business Insurance

Liability and Demolition Contractors Insurance

With a new job site, new risks arise. You may have just gotten started on a new job, and it’s time to call it a week on Friday afternoon. Later that night, with the site quiet and everyone at home, some teenagers stop by. The next thing you hear, the parents of a severely injured kid are threatening you with a lawsuit. And really, any number of things could happen. They could sue you for the condition of the site, for or how you store equipment. The client could sue you for failing to divulge the amount of risk at the site. But if you purchase demolition insurance beforehand, you can protect yourself from all liability, from physical dangers as well as claims of false advertising or failure to disclose information. And your policy will cover court costs, too.

The Job Site Neighbors

A major demolition project might entail some dangers you don’t foresee. And maybe the neighbors to the site don’t foresee them, either. There might be environmental factors involved. Perhaps a water line is damaged. But when the neighbors get upset, demolition contractors insurance will take care of the problem. Again, this protection includes physical damages to their property as well as liability claims. The most helpful neighbor for your business is your demolition insurance.

Heavy Equipment

The actual equipment you use is where most people’s minds first turn when they think about demolition contractors insurance. And this makes sense; you certainly don’t want to pay for a new concrete pulverizer anytime soon. Your demolition insurance should include property coverage for the heavy equipment whose cost is very high. Most likely you’ll want to insure it for close to replacement value. And while it’s being replaced, your policy can help you by covering some of your lost income.

Demolition Insurance and Workers’ Compensation

For a high-risk job, there’s a big need for workers’ compensation. In nearly every state, you’ll have to buy this coverage for even a very small employee base. This demolition contractors insurance keeps you safe when a piece of equipment malfunctions or something goes awry in the demolition project and one of your employees suffers a costly injury. When you total all the forms of demolition insurance you need to work at peak efficiency, your next move is to compare quotes. This is incredibly easy when you use a free service like to compare them for you. You’ll save a ton of money on your policy, and save yourself a ton of headaches in the future.

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