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Do You Need Courier Insurance?

Courier insurance is designed specifically to protect of all types of couriers, from large businesses with a massive fleet to independent couriers with bicycles or scooters, from damage or liability issues. It usually covers the vehicle as well as the goods being delivered.

Courier Insurance

Why Do I Need Courier Insurance?

Most couriers deliver smaller items such as legal documents, medical samples or devices, newspapers, magazines, mail, and so forth. Even if it seems like the items you are delivering are inexpensive or of little worth, consider the following circumstances in which courier insurance particularly public liability insurance for couriers) can come in handy:

  • You operate your own courier business and drive your own personal vehicle for work, which is insured in your automotive policy. During a delivery, you cause an accident. When you go to file a claim with your insurance, you learn that your policy does not cover damage from deliveries or business use of your car.
  • One of your employees leaves a large package in the middle of the sidewalk during a delivery. A jogger runs by and trips over it, breaking a leg. She in turn sues your company for bodily injury.
  • You are delivering a number of legal documents containing confidential financial information for a client and are robbed. The robber takes off with the documents, and you later find they use the documents to steal account numbers. Your client sues you for damages.
  • One of your employees is making a bicycle delivery. He fails to secure his bike and during a gust of wind it blows over, denting and scratching a car parked at the curb. The car’s owner holds you financially liable for damages.

In all of these circumstances, a lack of courier insurance or public liability insurance for couriers could result in you or your company having to pay damages out of pocket. This could result in severe financial distress, depending on the nature of the lawsuit or damages.

What Does Courier Insurance Cover?

A basic courier insurance policy covers damage to goods being delivered, loss of goods being delivered, and damage to your vehicle in the event of an accident during a delivery. Courier insurance is frequently sold as a package with pertinent coverage that apply to your business.

However, not all policies include public liability insurance for couriers. This is an important type of coverage to have because it protects you from lawsuits from the public as a result of property damage or bodily injury caused by you or your employees.

Where Can I Find Courier Insurance?

One of the best ways to find a company that specializes in courier insurance and public liability insurance for couriers is through Here, you can research different types of coverage available, then find multiple quotes in a matter of minutes for free, so you can compare each quote and determine which one offers the best value.

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