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Complete Bridal Shop Insurance Solution

You opened your boutique to help brides look beautiful, happy, and “perfect” for their special day. But owning and operating a small business can be logistically complicated and annoying. In particular, business insurance for bridal shops can get super complex. You want a simple and clear guide about how to shop for coverage, limit your exposure, and lock into a policy as soon as possible so that you can get back to doing what you love best.

Bridal Shop Insurance Basics

Your policy should cover a variety of elements, including product liability, public liability, theft, general liability, and accidental damage of your products. If you rent, you need renters’ insurance. If you own your shop outright, you need to protect your investment if some peril — like fire or flooding — damages your property and inventory.

Speaking of inventory, you also need business property insurance to protect things like your wedding dresses, office computers and cash registers, and any other assets or tools of the trade. Business interruption insurance is also something to consider. If something shuts down your company temporarily, this coverage gives you funds to keep your store operating. If you employ more than four or more people, you need workers’ compensation insurance. This coverage protects you and your business in the event that an employee gets hurt on the job e.g. gets carpal tunnel syndrome from years of stitching dresses — or hurts her back lifting a crate of inventory). On top of all of this, you could also get group insurance to provide health, dental, life, and disability benefits. If you own vehicles for drop offs, deliveries, or general transportation, you need business auto insurance to cover you for bodily injury and property damage.

In short, you face a veritable bouquet of bridal shop insurance options — and the sheer volume and diversity of choices may leave you wanting to freak out like one of the “bridezilla” customers you no doubt encounter from time to time.

Business Insurance for Bridal Shops — A New Approach

Given your diverse coverage needs, you want a way to boil down and simplify bridal shop insurance shopping. Here are some strategies to consider. First, find a reputable agent who has experience specifically with bridal shop owners to advise you. Second, consider opting for a complete “bridal shop insurance package” — which bundles together a lot of different kinds of coverages discussed above into one simple policy. Third, identify your needs before you shop, so you don’t pick extraneous coverage. Plot out a vision of your “best insurance scenario.” This gives you a tool to discriminate between necessary and unnecessary purchases. Lastly, shop around for quotes to take the temperature of the bridal shop insurance industry.

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