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Commercial Car Wash Insurance: Control Your Assets

It doesn’t much matter if you’re opening a new car wash, considering coverage for the first time, or just want a better policy; you’re wise to begin searching for car wash business insurance. Every single time someone visits your car wash, there’s potential for a slip, or for a piece of equipment to malfunction. And then there are the constant dangers of inclement weather and vandalism. And what happens when there’s a loss of power due to a utility malfunction? Is there a way to insure you don’t lose income for something like that? You bet. Car wash business insurance can cover almost anything.

Liability and Commercial Car Wash Insurance
Perhaps more than any other kind of coverage, liability protection is a crucial aspect of car wash business insurance. Every single time someone drives through your car wash, or operates a high-powered sprayer by hand, you could be held liable for damages and injuries. When that damage strikes a brand-new Audi, you could be looking at an expensive repair or replacement. Commercial car wash insurance also applies to an injury the driver of that Audi might suffer. If one of the cleaning mechanism comes off track and breaks a window, that’s one expense. But if the driver’s face is injured by the glass, you could be looking at thousands of dollars in liability.

Slips, Falls and Other Injuries
To that end, your car wash business insurance may very well need to include a liability coverage limit for customers who use your sprayers and scrubbers. You’ve seen the amount of soap from the scrubber, and the water everywhere from the sprayer. Regardless of warning signs or a customer’s negligence, if someone slips and gets seriously hurt, that person may sue you. You need commercial car wash insurance to protect against a potential lawsuit payment as well as court costs.

Your Actual Property and Car Wash Business Insurance
When the winds change and the heavy rain and lightning appear, you want to protect everything from the signs out on the street to the actual structures of your car wash. It may seem obvious, but a common mistake owners make in this area of commercial car wash insurance is not buying coverage for replacement cost. Can you afford to replace a damaged mechanism? You can protect against vandals, fire, and severe weather. And you should start calculating how much coverage you need.

Car Wash Business Insurance and Workers’ Compensation
Fewer and fewer car wash businesses have employees these days, but there are certainly some that do. Almost always, that means you’ll need a workers’ compensation policy as part of your commercial car wash insurance. Check your state laws to be sure.) This keeps you from being financially liable for on-the-job injuries. As you begin to put together all the different aspects of your coverage, you may want to look at some general business insurance policies that include many of these aspects. You can often save money this way. And you will definitely save money by comparing different policies. Allow, a free search service, to compare them quickly for you. That way, you’ll know you’re getting the absolute best deal–and keeping full control over your precious assets.

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