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Ins and Outs of Coffee Roasters Insurance

Whether you want to open a roastery, or you seek to expand an existing coffee shop to develop special premium house blends, you need help understanding how to shop effectively for coffee roasters insurance. This article will break down the basic kinds of coverage that you should be looking at and suggest a proven mechanism to short cut the shopping process.

Coffee Roasters Insurance Basics
First and foremost, you need both general liability and premises liability. Premises liability protects you if someone e.g. a customer, inspector, etc) gets hurt on your property. For instance, say a customer slips and falls in the bathroom and hits his head against the sink and gets a severe concussion. You could be liable for his hospital bills and other costs. Premises liability would cover you for those concerns.

Also, consider getting protection for your equipment, such as your roaster, your furniture, your beans, and other crucial business assets and tools of the trade. If your roastery goes off line or suffers a mechanical problem — or an electrical short circuit that damages equipment — you want coverage to help you fix the damage and get your shop up and running again. If you employ four or more people baristas, roasting technicians, etc), you will need workers’ compensation insurance. If you have a delivery van or a truck to collect beans or drop off product to a distributor, you need business auto insurance. If you prepare or sell food or alcohol at your roastery, you need special insurance to cover those products e.g. liquor liability insurance).

A coffee roasters insurance package a specific grouping of coverages that a carrier pre-packages) might include many of the aforementioned kinds of coverage, such as general liability, equipment specific coverage, workers comp, and so on.

A Complete Coffee Roasters Insurance Solution
It’s hard to identify areas of exposure and even harder to know how to fill those gaps with good insurance. There is no need to reinvent the wheel, however. Just like you don’t need to know precisely how the beans you import get from the grower to your shop; likewise, you don’t need to spend your entire life examining the nuances of coffee roasters insurance. You just want to make sure that you have enough coverage to protect you against potential catastrophic losses and to comply with legal requirements and roasting industry “best practices.”

A knowledgeable insurance agent who has helped other roastery operators can suggest strategies to get good coverage and mechanisms to save. Common discounting techniques include: raising deductibles to lower premiums, getting lots of coverage through one carrier, reducing the number of claims you file, improving workplace safety, eliminating fire hazards, installing a security system in your store, and installing a sprinkler system and fire alarm for your roastery.

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