Don't Take Chances with Business Insurance for Cleaning Companies

Whether you run a small home-cleaning service or serve as CEO of a cleaning company that services dozens of office buildings each week, you understand the importance of caring for your clients' buildings so they stay in top condition. But do you take the same steps to make sure that the financial side of your business is in top-notch shape? If you haven't lately revisited your business insurance for cleaning companies and haven't compared rates on everything from workers comp to liability insurance for a cleaning business, you're not taking care of your business as well as you should. Shopping around for business insurance for cleaning companies will help you get the coverages you need at an affordable rate.

Business Cleaning Services Insurance

Choosing Your Business Insurance Coverages for Cleaning Companies

If your cleaning company is geared to residential services, you may not be required to get liability insurance for a cleaning business but it's a good idea to have it. Liability insurance for a cleaning business will protect you financially if you or a member of your crew inadvertently damages a customer's home or possessions. It's easy enough to knock a vase or other knick knack off a table when you're working in tight quarters.

There are even more liability risks when you're working on commercial office buildings. Suppose one of your employees forgot to lock an office door after cleaning, and a thief was able to get into the office. You'd be liable for the loss of whatever the thief stole. But if you had the right coverages under you liability insurance for a cleaning business, the insurer could help pay for any legal bills or damages related to the incident.

What if you've just finished washing a floor and someone falls because there was a small puddle of water on the floor? In a home or in a business, that's another occasion when it would pay to have good liability insurance for a cleaning business.

Part of the challenge in finding the right business insurance for cleaning companies is determining exactly what coverages--from business property to commercial vehicle to workers comp--you need. Take some time to think about the unique risks that your company faces, then talk to several experienced business insurance agents for their recommendations.

What will General Liability Insurance cost?

General Liability Insurance can average between $325 and $754.

What does a Business Owner's Policy (BOP) cost?

A BOP can average between $695 to $1087.

Compare Rates on Business Insurance for Cleaning Companies

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