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Contractors Insurance: Keeping Your Business Strong

Even a few years ago, contracting companies might have been in a better position to financially recover from some disaster, large or small. In a good economy, companies might replace a vehicle damaged in an accident out of their profits, or just decide to write off the theft of some equipment because they had another that could do the same job. In recessionary times, however, contractors have cut their profits, their equipment and their cash reserves to the bone. The loss of a vehicle or a lawsuit against them could wipe out their business, unless they have the right contractors insurance policies in place.

Having adequate business insurance for contractors doesn’t have to be a big drain on a company’s bottom line, however. Even in a tight economy there are wide variations in the rates that insurers charge. To find the best policies at the best rates, contractors need to shop around for contractors insurance.

Choosing Business Insurance for Contractors
Different contracting companies need different types of business insurance for contractors. The contractors insurance coverage that they’ll require depends in part on the kind of jobs they handle, the way they operate, and the way the company is structured.

For example, every contracting company will require some type of business property insurance, workers comp and commercial vehicle insurance as part of its contractors insurance coverage. But not every company will find it necessary to buy key person insurance as part of their business insurance for contractors package. Key person insurance might be a good choice for a contracting company structured as a partnership, however, since it would provide funds to carry on the business if one of the partners was injured and could no longer work.

There are many specialized contractors insurance coverages available today, and an experienced business insurance agent can advise contractors on the insurance policies that will provide the best protections for their premium dollars.

Get Competitive Rate Quotes on Business Insurance for Contractors
Once the owners of a contracting company know what coverages they need it’s time to do some comparison shopping on rates. makes that the easy part of the insurance shopping process. Fill out a form about your company and your contractors insurance requirements at the website. will provide, in return, competitive quotes on insurance from several of the leading insurers in your area. You’ll find that puts you in a good position when you’re shopping around for your business insurance policies and rates.

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