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Compare to Save Money on Your Auto Mechanics Insurance

With people holding on to their cars longer, your garage is probably busier than ever. Although you’d rather concentrate on your shop’s hands-on work than paperwork, you could be missing a money-saving opportunity if you haven’t recently looked at your auto mechanics insurance policy.

Your business has probably changed in the last few years, and so has the insurance industry. So the business insurance for auto mechanics that was policy that was a perfect for your business even a year ago may not have the right coverages or the right premiums) to meet your current business needs. In addition, insurers may have significantly increased or decreased the rates that they charge for the business insurance for auto mechanics policies that they offer.

To get the best coverages and the best rates on auto mechanics insurance, you need to shop around and compare policies. You’ll find that insurance companies that are offering very similar policies can have very different rates.

More Ways to Save on Business Insurance for Auto Mechanics
An annual review of your auto mechanics insurance policy can help you identify areas where you can reduce your premium costs. For example, have you retired some expensive tools or equipment in the past year? That could save you money on your business property coverages. Replaced two low-production mechanics with a single, more skilled one? Maybe you’re due a break in your workers comp rates. You really can save money on your business insurance for auto mechanics by considering all the changes in your business.

Are you a member of any trade organization? You could be eligible for discounts on your business insurance for auto mechanics simply because you belong to some group. Some insurers offer discounts on insurance when small business owners also buy their homeowners, personal automobile and/or life insurance policies from them.

A business owners policy BOP), which combines several property and liability coverages into a single policy, usually costs less than the similar coverages purchased separately. Some companies will even offer special business owners policies with coverage geared specifically to auto mechanics.

One of the fastest ways to save on your auto mechanics insurance rates is raising your policy deductibles. If you could afford to pay an extra $500 or $1,000 up front if your business was destroyed or damaged, you could enjoy significant reductions in your annual insurance bill.

Save Time Finding Competitive Auto Mechanics Insurance Rates
You may be thinking that the process of finding better rates on your business insurance is just going to take too much time. It doesn’t have to. You don’t have to call a lot of different agents and fill out a lot of different forms. Just go to, answer the questions on the quote request form and sit back and wait for competitive quotes to come in.

There are good insurance companies in your area who’d like to help you find better deals on your auto mechanics insurance rates. Let put you in touch with them.

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