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The Best Business Insurance Agents: How to Find Them

You are an experienced CEO; as such, you’ve learned that, when you don’t know the answer to a problem, it’s best to speak to someone who knows more than you do. Whether you are concerned about exposure to liability, out of control premiums, or legal responsibilities to your employees and lenders, business insurance agents can help you strategize and simplify.

Access to the Market
Insurance carriers constantly review and revise their products and their prices. Quality agents can tell you not only what’s going on in their own company, but they can also explain where the industry as a whole is at and where it’s likely to be headed. A superior candidate can explain how changes to the market might influence your needs and your pricing.

Not every business owner is “high maintenance,” but you might be. Do you need potential 24/7/365 support? Do you want a particular agent on call for you? If so, include these criteria in your decision calculus. Many business insurance agents rely on online communications these days. But if you run a complex shipping operation, online claims management without live phone support) may not be enough. Know what you require before you shop.

Knowledge of Your Industry and Community
Business insurance agents should give you keen insights into how to tailor your coverage for your risks and budgetary concerns. Obviously, your agent does not need to be a ranking expert in your business. But he or she should know enough about it to make you comfortable. You may also prefer to do business with an agent situated nearby — as opposed to across the country.

The Power of Business Insurance Agents
When you interview an agent, find out whether he or she has the authority to handle requests to change policies. Some agents may have to ask their corporate office for permission first. Be sure your agent possesses the knowledge, skill, and authority to handle your claims — after all, he or she may be your first line of defense if and when your business goes calamitously offline.

Talk to Business Insurance Agents about Additional Services
You may want to get your auto, health, life and other policies on the same plan for a so-called multiline discount. Your agent may suggest other methods to cut costs and optimize coverage.

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