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Business Group Insurance: Your Guide to Savings

Perhaps your lender or financer has compelled you to get business group insurance. Or maybe you want coverage to attract employees and take advantage of benefits yourself. Irrespective of what’s driving you, you need substantial and creditable info about how to shop coverages, avoid common pitfalls, and simplify the process. This article aims to do that for you.

Locating Business Group Insurance
Do you belong to an association, trade group or other professional organization that endorses an insurance carrier? If so, that carrier may provide you with special members-only discounts. If you don’t belong to any group, consider joining — not only to get benefits on your business group insurance but also to take advantage of other positives. A trade group gives you access to seminars and offers a wonderful way to meet industry peers. To learn about potential trade associations you could join, talk to peers or speak with a business group insurance agent.

Cheaper and Better Insurance
If you opt for a group health or life insurance plan, you may save money due to lower administrative fees and tax advantages. Group life can be cheap, since costs get spread out among the members of the group. To save even more, consider opting for a business owner’s policy BOP) to package your coverages at a discount. Packaging your coverages can also make the process of filing claims and tracking paperwork much simpler.

Exclude coverage for uncommon losses. Opt for a higher deductible if possible) to get your premiums down. Stay in touch with your insurance agent, and reevaluate your business group insurance policy regularly. Reassess at least every year — more frequently if your business goes through a major change — such as a rash of hirings or firings, a large claim, or a shift in strategic direction. Give your business group insurance needs the attention and care they deserve.

Sourcing Quality Group Insurance Quotes
One frustrating thing about insurance shopping is how much time it can take. You can literally fritter away hours online going from insurance carrier website to insurance carrier website researching, filling out quote forms, and generally worrying yourself silly about what might happen to your business if you don’t get “enough” coverage. Fortunately, you can speed up your journey to better coverage by using NetQuote. Collect 5+ quotes by filling out one free fast online form. It’s that easy — and it really works. It has for thousands of people since 1989.

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