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Business Car Insurance: Basic Strategies to Save

Whether you own a fleet of vans to deliver widgets to consumers or maintain a single truck to move construction equipment, you crave reliable, straightforward answers to nagging questions about business vehicle insurance. Business car insurance coverage is very similar to private/personal auto insurance. You can get comprehensive protects against damages caused by things like fire and theft), collision protects against damage caused by a crash), and liability protects you if you or an employee causes an accident or injury to somebody).

Factors Influencing Business Car Insurance Rates
The size of your operation, the kinds of vehicles you own e.g. vans, trucks, race cars, construction vehicle), the condition of those vehicles, and the amount of driving you do can all significantly impact your business vehicle insurance calculations. Insurers will want to know who drives your vehicles — and whether those individuals have requisite training. If you transport hazardous materials, you may need to be specially certified — and you may need special insurance to protect your cargo.

Information you need to provide includes your VIN numbers and driver’s license and SSN numbers for all vehicle operators. As your fleet expands or contracts, your business car insurance needs will obviously change. So check back with your insurance agent if and when you purchase a new vehicle or if you take a vehicle out of service. Likewise, if someone makes a claim against your business car insurance policy, reevaluate your protection as soon as possible. Even if nothing “new” happens to your fleet, it’s a good idea to reassess at least once a year. After all, rates change, new discount opportunities may arise, and your risk sensitivities may evolve.

Solutions for Business Car Insurance
The art of buying insurance is a balancing act. You want to control costs and simultaneously get “enough” coverage. You can positively influence the equation. Insist on safe driving. Put your drivers through extensive training. Forbid them from talking on mobile devices even walkie-talkies) when operating your vehicles. Motorists who drive distracted tend to be at a much higher risk for crashes. Streamline your fleet to keep your vehicles in ship shape. If you transport potentially hazardous cargo — such as organic solvents, food, or heavy machinery — install and maintain systems to keep your cargo secure and potentially insure the cargo separately.

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