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Why You Need Blogger Liability Insurance

If you have a blog, as many people do, you may feel that your personal thoughts and opinions are not subject to any sort of liability. However, regardless of your intentions or your audience, more and more bloggers are facing lawsuits as a result of libel, copyright issues, invasion of privacy, and many more.

If you have a high profile blog, or if you have a business that includes a blog, you will want to protect your assets with blogger liability insurance.

Blogger Liability Insurance Coverage

What Does Liability Insurance for Blogging Cover?

Blogger liability insurance is designed to cover your defense costs, legal fees, and judgments and settlements against you in the event you are sued for content posted on your blog. Because defense costs alone can end up being thousands of dollars, this type of insurance is your best protection.

Examples of instances in which your blogger liability insurance would be used include:

  • Your nonprofit political or community blog features a post that speaks of a local civic leader in an unfavorable light by indirectly suggesting he was involved in a local scandal. A local news outlet picks it up and runs a story on it. His lawyers then contact you and inform you that they are suing you for $2 million in damages for libel.
  • Your cooking website features recipes you got from the internet or popular cook books, and you pass them off as your own. The owners of the rights to these recipes sue you for copyright infringement.
  • You are a personal trainer and you have a blog with fitness tips and exercise programs. A reader tries one of your programs and has a heart attack while exercising. She sues you for giving dangerous professional advice.
  • Your real estate office has a blog that can be accessed by the public. On it, you publish a post regarding credit scores and mortgage qualifications and use one of your real clients credit scores and mortgage rates as an example. The client sees this and sues you for invasion of privacy.

As you can see, there are many instances in which a seemingly-harmless post can turn into a legal nightmare. Blogger liability insurance could protect your business and assets from financial ruin.

Finding Blogger Liability Insurance

Liability insurance for blogging isn’t a common form of coverage, but more and more insurance companies are realizing its importance and providing coverage specifically for bloggers. is a great resource for finding information on blogger liability insurance. You can research coverage limits, prices, and then get multiple quotes from a number of different providers free of charge.

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