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Beauty Shop Insurance: Get Better Looking Insurance Rates

As the owner of a beauty parlor, you work hard to make sure that your customers all look their best when they leave your establishment. But how much time do you spend making sure that your business itself is looking its best? An important part of your business should be making sure that you have the right insurance for beauty shops–and that you’re paying competitively-priced premiums for your beauty shop insurance coverage.

Determining the Beauty Shop Insurance Coverages You’ll Need
Shopping around for insurance for beauty shops can be a lot like giving a hair styling to a first-time customer. Before you begin to cut, you look at the shape of your customer’s face and ask about her preferences for length and styling. You lift your scissors only after you’ve done that initial survey.

When you’re looking for beauty shop insurance, you’ll need to take an objective look at your business to determine just what insurance coverages are appropriate for your particular beauty parlor business. You’ll require business property coverages to protect your investment in hair dryers, sinks, cash registers and other equipment used by you and any other stylists that you employ. But if you own your own building, you’ll want to make sure that your beauty shop insurance has policy limits high enough to handle any damage to that structure as well.

If you do have stylists working for you, you’ll also require workers compensation insurance as part of your insurance for beauty shops coverages. Workers comp will pay for medical treatments for employees injured while on the job and can also provide some replacement income for them if they’re too badly injured to return to work right away.

Liability insurance is an important part of beauty shop insurance coverage. General liability insurance will pay for medical care and/or legal bills incurred if a customer injures herself while on your property slipping on a wet floor, for example). But you’ll also want professional liability insurance, which kicks in when a service that you provide harms one of your customers like a dye job that causes a severe allergic reaction to your customer). Product liability policies or riders should be part of you insurance for beauty shops coverages as well, since you can be held legally responsible if a shampoo, conditioner or any other product you sell harms the purchaser.

Finding Competitive Rates for Beauty Shop Insurance
While your customers are willing to pay a fair price for their styling, they don’t want to pay more than they have to–just like you don’t want to pay more than you have to for insurance for beauty shops coverage. Instead of calling many different agents and filling out many similar forms, try At you’ll fill out a single form about your business; you’ll then get back quotes from several insurance agents who will work with you to get the insurance coverages that you need. offers an attractive solution to finding the right insurance coverages for your beauty shop business.

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