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Beauty Salon Insurance: Protect Your Style and Store

When a woman comes in every couple of months for a haircut, she has high expectations. And after she spends over $100 for partial highlights, she’s going to be really upset if something goes terribly wrong. Since you know how seriously your customers take every beauty treatment, prepare for the worst. Beauty salon insurance is a surprisingly affordable way to keep your personal assets out of harm’s way.

Hair Salon Insurance for Your Property
Beauty salon insurance can cover everything you use in your salon. This is the case whether you own or lease the building. Obviously, you won’t purchase a policy that replaces the actual building if you lease, but if you own, then you’ll want to make sure your policy replaces window or roof damage from a storm, busted pipes, and anything else that happens. Your coverage should also extend to things like signage and lost or damaged inventory–which will include burglary. Remember, the right hair salon insurance will provide some compensation for interrupted business operations, too. If you can avoid losing that income, you should.

The Customers
It could be a killer blow to your business if someone is injured in your salon–especially if a woman slips and hurts her back. There could be costly medical treatments involved, or she could get upset and sue–which might lead to bad exposure if you don’t have the right beauty salon insurance to quickly take care of the problem. The right kind of coverage will also cover a physical or emotional injury caused by something your or your employees do. Make sure your beauty salon insurance policy is broad enough to include all of their actions. You can handle this liability protection pretty easily by shopping around.

The Products and Hair Salon Insurance
Have you ever had a malfunctioning curling iron? It might lock onto a woman’s hair or get so hot that you burn her neck. Or you use a new hair product that a convincing sales clerk urged you to try, and later you find out that several customers ended up with scalp rashes. Who knows what could result from someone else’s product? That’s why you prepare in advance with beauty salon insurance for product liability. Before that unexpected occurs, shop for a liability policy broad enough to cover everything you use in the course of a regular business day.

Save on Beauty Salon Insurance
When you start shopping for hair salon insurance, see if there are easy ways to save money. A sprinkler system, for example, will lower the cost of your property policy. Or you could look for an umbrella policy for all of your beauty salon insurance, with even workers’ compensation included. Whatever route you take, make sure you compare multiple quotes. will compare them for you for free, and will do so within minutes. It’s the easiest way to save a bunch of money. Your customers have high expectations for your treatments, and you should also have high expectations for your hair salon insurance. You just shouldn’t have to pay too much for it.

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