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Bolster Your Business with Liability Insurance for Animal Shelters

It’s important to shield your business against claims of damages as it could cause its operations to permanently cease, even if it is a nonprofit organization. Your animal shelter cares for our furry friends and nurtures them until they are ready to find a loving home. But when you open your business doors to others you’d best have liability insurance for animal shelters. This important coverage protects your business from claims of physical injury, property damage and personal injury. Say someone slips on your tile and breaks an ankle. Perhaps a patron is bitten. Maybe a pothole on your property damages a person’s vehicle. Liability insurance for animal shelters can provide the finances to pay for occurrences like these.

Looking out for the Leaders
In a non-profit business where you’re bettering the community it’s hard to believe claims against your company would arise, but you better believe it. If an employee claims your company did nothing to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace or one alleges wrongful termination, would you have the funds to pay the legal fees that would arise in a lawsuit? Directors, officers, trustees and the like as well as the nonprofit organization itself are protected if they have directors and officers D&O) insurance. D&O animal shelter insurance is essential in safeguarding your organization from financial peril that could arise during and after a lawsuit. However, it’s important to note that animal shelter insurance providers may differ in their D&O protection. The Nonprofit Genie states “A buyer should take care, in particular, to make sure that the policy includes a broad definition of who is an insured, provides for costs to be paid by the insurer as they are incurred, and includes broad coverage for employment-related activities.” As the policyholder it’s your responsibility to read the fine print in your D&O animal shelter insurance policy.

Personalized Protection: Animal Shelter Insurance
Liability insurance for animal shelters will protect your organization when others are hurt because of your business, but it won’t protect your employees or property. With that being said, you should talk to your animal shelter insurance company about workers compensation and property insurance. Whether you’re looking to switch providers, increase your protection or beginning your initial search for animal shelter insurance, NetQuote can help. Our free service can help you locate companies offering D&O coverage, property insurance, liability insurance for animal shelters, and any other type of insurance you want to back your business. Visit and fill out an easy form. We’ll couple you with insurance providers that match your criteria and soon you’ll have several animal shelter insurance quotes to compare at your convenience.

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