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Liberate Yourself with Liability Animal Rescue Insurance

The Humane Society estimates there are six to eight million cats and dogs entering shelters each year in the United States. These are staggering numbers, but with safe havens like yours these animals have a fighting chance to be cared for by a loving family. With such an overpopulation of homeless animals, rescues are more important than ever. To best maintain your organization you must perform “best practices.” Patricia Morris, an attorney and animal enthusiast, defines “best practices” as the most efficient and effective way of accomplishing a task to receive the best results. In order to achieve these results it’s essential to have liability insurance. This animal rescue insurance has you covered for claims of personal injury, physical injury or property damage. “Liability insurance is not a one-size-fits-all plan; rather it is designed to match the liability insurance with the liability exposure of the insured rescue,” says Morris. You will need enough liability coverage to protect anyone entering your business premises such as potential adopters, volunteers, and even delivery persons dropping off supplies. This animal control insurance provides financial coverage to repair or replace others’ damaged property caused by your business and pays for medical bills and lost wages if one is injured because of your organization. State laws and regulations will help determine how to build your liability coverage on your animal control insurance policy.

Preserve Your Property
Running your business without animal rescue insurance that covers property loss is ill-advised. An animal rescue requires kennels, medical supplies, computers, equipment, and, of course, a building. Without these essential items you could not effectively operate. If your medical supplies were stolen, how would you be able help the animals that need treatment? Could you afford to pay to replace them with your personal reserves? If a fire damaged or destroyed your building and its possessions, how could you pay for renovations without property coverage on your animal control insurance policy? As a business owner it’s wise to expect the unexpected. By building defenses you can walk away from a disaster virtually unscathed. Animal control insurance that has property protection reimburses policyholders for damages and loss of business property. Most animal rescue insurance providers offer discounts to those who have burglar alarms installed on their business premises. You can also reap savings if there is a security guard on your property after business hours as well.

Options Unleashed
Rescues require unique coverage which is why it’s important to frequently communicate with your animal rescue insurance broker. Workers compensation and commercial auto coverage can further protect your animal control organization. Opt for a higher deductible and you’ll have a lower premium. It would do you well to ask your animal control insurance agent if you qualify for additional discounts as well. It’s important to note that every insurance company is different. It’s possible to receive quotes that vary by hundreds of dollars, but the cheapest insurance isn’t always your best option which is why it’s important to carefully review your coverages. Shop around and gather quotes from companies offering animal control insurance to ensure you’re getting the best, most affordable coverage. Rather than taking the time to answer a bunch of questions with several insurance companies, utilize our services instead. All you have to do is fill out one form on and you’ll have several animal control insurance quotes to evaluate. NetQuote is fast, efficient, and free!

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