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Bar and Tavern Insurance: Save Money and Protect Your Business

An automobile accident miles away from your bar could end up financially ruining your business if you don’t have the right bar and tavern insurance coverage in place.

Suppose you served a customer a few beers, not knowing that he already had several before coming to your bar. You had no way of anticipating, when the customer left and drove away, that he would cause a fatal accident more than 10 miles away. But when the investigation pointed at your bar as the last place he had been served a drink, lawyers immediately filed suit against you. Unless you have alcohol liability insurance, your business–and you personally–could be financially responsible for damages.

Or suppose you have a table of football fans come in to watch a game. Although they were originally a great mood, by the time they’ve had a few beers one guy is ready to take offense when another person criticizes his team. Fists fly and someone gets seriously injured. You could be held at least partially liable for any injuries or damages.

Alcohol liability insurance isn’t a coverage that comes in a typical bar and tavern insurance package. Those bar and tavern insurance packages usually contain some kind of general liability insurance, but they specifically exclude incidents relating to alcohol. That’s why you need special alcohol liability insurance coverage.

You can get good rates on alcohol liability insurance–and any kind of bar and tavern insurance–when you spend some time doing comparison shopping. Checking what’s covered and what’s not in different bar and tavern insurance policies–and then checking the rates that insurers are charging for their policies–will help ensure that you find the policy and the rate that works best for you.

Saving Money on Bar and Tavern Insurance
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