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Stay Squeaky Clean with Advertising Injury Coverage

You run an honest business and work diligently to sell your services in an honest manner. You understand that there are competitors who offer the same services so you find ways to ensure your business stays in the game. But sometimes business owners get so caught up in the everyday nuts and bolts of their industry that they might not realize they could face a legal battle because of their advertising strategy. For example, say QRS Carpet Cleaning claims it uses the best, most advanced products to remove stains from carpets in a magazine ad. To prove its claim it compares its product with TUV Carpet Cleaning’s and includes the competitor’s name in the ad. When the competitor catches wind of the advertisement, he feels as though he’s been defamed and files a lawsuit. If QRS Carpet Cleaning has advertising injury insurance, its legal costs will be covered.

Innocent Mistakes
If you are being sued for grievances such as libel, slander or invasion of privacy, your advertising injury insurance will come in handy, but there are exclusions written in your insurance contract that you should be cognizant of. For example, if you are the owner of QRS Carpet Cleaning and made claims that TUV’s product does not work when you know wholeheartedly it does, your legal costs are likely not to be paid for with your advertising injury coverage as this is intentional distribution of false information. Other common exclusions include breach of contract, intellectual property, electronic communications and criminal acts. Advertising injury insurance protects policyholders from allegations of infringement of copyright, title or slogan. For instance, if you were the founder of QRS Carpet Cleaning and naively used the slogan “We triumph over blotches, spots and spills” when TUV’s slogan was “Fighting splotches, spots and spills one speck at a time,” you might have to seek the service of your advertising injury insurance if the owner of TUV sues you for filching his slogan. Your advertising injury coverage will help pay for your legal representation and any damages that might result from a lawsuit.

Partner Up
It’s clear that your advertising injury coverage can save you from a swarm of attacks from your competitors, but realizing who to trust to provide you with this valuable insurance might not be so obvious. You have several companies offering advertising injury insurance to choose from, but you might find yourself on the line with a number of smooth talking sales reps if you choose to call each business on your own. NetQuote is the middleman you can count on to locate companies offering advertising injury insurance for you. Simply fill out a form on and tell us you want advertising injury coverage and we’ll match you with several companies that fit your needs. Our inventory of companies offering advertising injury insurance know they are competing with one another, so they’ll work hard to provide you with the best, most affordable advertising injury coverage available.

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