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A Consumer’s Guide to Vehicle Insurance Quotes

Vehicle insurance quotes are all over the map. Maybe you’re looking for coverage for your new family sedan in Ohio. Maybe you’re looking at policies in California for his and her motorcycles–a ten-year anniversary present. Or, maybe you need vehicle insurance quotes for a fleet of delivery trucks in Colorado. No matter your auto coverage needs, your state of residency, or financial situation, NetQuote can help you find the best vehicles insurance quotes available in your area. Whether you’re looking for a policy with the cheapest premiums or one that provides ironclad financial protection, we will connect you with a licensed insurer you can trust.

Regional Costs and Requirements
Many consumers want an estimate of how much their annual premiums will be before they talk to insurers. Without citing misleading cost figures, this is a tall order. Average premium costs are wildly divergent depending on where you live. In fact, the average cost of the five most expensive states for vehicle insurance quotes is approximately twice as expensive as the five least expensive states. Moreover, some states require more stringent policies and benefit levels than others. In Pennsylvania, you need only $5,000 worth of property damage liability coverage, while you’ll receive $25,000 in property damage coverage for a state minimum policy in North Carolina. The disparity in bodily injury liability requirements is just as severe. In Maine, drivers are required to maintain $100,000 coverage limits. Yet, in Florida, where an older population can require costly medical treatments after an accident, the limit is only $20,000.

What’s truly jaw-dropping about these numbers is that the average vehicle insurance quotes are actually cheaper in North Carolina than Pennsylvania, cheaper in Maine than Florida, and by comfortable margins at that. When determining the risk to insure consumers, companies look first at accident rates which are closely correlated to population density. In fact, it’s likely that many states set lower requirement standards to help residents afford coverage in these more densely populated states, despite the extra financial risk to drivers on the back end.

Individual Differences Still the Trump Card
While regionally-indexed risks and state-mandated requirements have a huge impact on the cost of vehicle insurance quotes, individual profiles, starting with your driving history, are even more important. Among the things to avoid at all costs: a major accident in which you’re deemed to be at-fault and a drunken driving arrest. There are also a host of other individual factors and potential discounts–from your credit rating to low driving miles to students who earn good grades. You should also know, however, that these individual characteristics and your risk profile are getting tweaked all the time. Soon, if not already, young women are likely to see higher vehicle insurance quotes than young men. The reason? The higher rate of text messages that young women send while driving. To this end, you need to mind your own driving habits, even some of your lifestyle habits, to achieve the cheapest premiums possible.

Find Local Vehicle Insurance Quotes Online
The final piece of the puzzle is to shop online. By finding insurers through a reliable online referral service, like NetQuote, you can save money on your next policy in a number of ways. First, you’re likely to have more information and have a superior decision-making process. Between our stable of articles providing you with consumer information and the fact that you’ll be making the final purchasing decision from the comfort of your own home, you’re likely to be a more shrewd customer than ever before. Second, there’s a built-in discount established through lower overhead costs. By contacting insurers online, these companies have less need to spend revenues on advertising, marketing, and high-dollar, commissioned insurance agents. Third, there’s a heightened sense of competition for your business amongst the insurers. Each company knows that you’re getting cost estimates from other insurers: It’s a basic free market principle, and it drives down costs. It also helps ensure that lower overhead costs are passed to the consumer. With no commitment or fee required, there’s no reason to hesitate.

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