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Used Car Insurance – Surprising Tips and Tricks

used car insurance quotes Whether you just bought a pre-owned Honda for your teenage daughter to drive, or you are in the market for a pre-owned vehicle and you want to explore used car insurance costs, this article can spell out some key thoughts that have been bouncing around your head, analyze typical problems that used car insurance shoppers have, and suggest time-proven strategies and solutions to help you get costs down and make the most out of the coverage you can afford.

The Difference between Used and New Cars: An Insurance Perspective

Here is the good news. Because you are buying a used car, you likely won’t have to pay as much for collision and comprehensive coverage. That said, your rates for liability coverage may be just as high as they would be if you got a new car. After all, in a collision, a used car can do just as much damage to people and property as a new car can.

Used Car Insurance Shopping Tips

Assuming you haven’t yet finalized your deal, shop for your pre-owned vehicle with these tips in mind to optimize rates. Choose a safe make and model. This is an obvious-sounding point. But you might be surprised at how important a particular vehicle’s history can be in terms of influencing an insurers’ evaluation of your “riskiness.” Take a detailed look at any prospective car’s history. Was the car ever in an accident? Did it get rebuilt? Where there any repairs done? Has the car recently been inspected for damage, wear and tear, and other problems? Note any issues. Your insurer certainly will pay attention to these facts.

Tactics and Strategies to Tailor your Used Car Insurance

First and foremost, be a safe driver. Avoid speeding tickets. Avoid accidents (if possible). Reduce the number of miles you drive. Studies show that, as you increase the number of miles you drive, you increase your risk for accidents and injuries. Take a defensive drivers’ course and/or a driver’s ed course to refresh your understanding of the rules of the road and to install “best practices” for safe driving. Never drive while under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or strong medications. And never speak on a mobile phone (even with a headset) when driving, as many studies suggest that drivers who speak on the cell phone are far more likely to get into crashes. Finally, explore how raising your deductible might impact your used car insurance.

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