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Tire safety can prevent accidents, auto insurance claims

To guard against accidents and maintain fuel efficiency, proper tire maintenance is important.

People who want to save money on gasoline and avoid accidents that could result in higher auto insurance premiums may consider starting with something as simple as tire safety.

Information on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website advises drivers to regularly inspect their tires for damage and irregularities that could lead to flats or blowouts, which can be especially dangerous at high speeds.

Keeping tires properly inflated also helps maximize fuel efficiency and increase their longevity, saving money while also promoting safety. Along with proper inflation, another thing to consider is a vehicle’s load limit, since this can also lead to flats and blowouts.

With these things in mind, the NHTSA advises people to check for information labels generally found on door edges, glove compartment doors or inside of the trunk that detail optimal tire inflation pressure and similar information.

Elsewhere, the website maintained by Bridgestone and Firestone advises drivers to have their tires rotated at least every 8,000 miles or even with every oil change. The website also advises people on ways to check their treads to ensure that a tire is still safe and functional.

Overall, taking time for proper tire maintenance is one of many ways people can stay safe and avoid unwanted claims with their auto insurance companies.

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Posted: Octobor 13, 2009

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