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Tire pressure an increasing safety concern

Proper car care includes checking tire pressure which could save money on gas

Some car insurance policies offer coverage in the event of a crack or nick in a windshield. But tire maintenance is up to the driver – and could save money for auto owners frequently at the pump.

In recognition of National Tire Safety Week, the Rubber Manufacturers Association RMA) is reminding consumers that auto safety is significantly impacted by the health and care of tires.

RMA says that under inflated tires can cause accidents and waste gas. By RMA’s estimation, only 9 percent of vehicles have four properly inflated tires.

“Few actions that are so simple and quick to do have such striking benefits,” said Charles A. Cannon, RMA president and CEO. “Taking five minutes every month to check tire pressure will put money in consumers’ pockets, reduce national fuel consumption, help tires last longer and save lives.”

In addition to tire maintenance, people who live and drive in areas of the country which experience wintry conditions may opt for snow tires during part of the year. In some cases this can lead to a discount on car insurance.

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Posted: June 09, 2009

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