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Teens admit to risky driving behavior

Over half of Texas teens admit to drinking and driving in a new survey

Teens are typically an expensive addition to their parent’s auto insurance policy. Teen’s inexperience behind the wheel and penchant for riskier behavior often lead to more accidents.

Auto insurance policies take this trend into account and charge higher premiums in the case of these newer drivers. Some teens see rates drop by achieving good grades or successfully passing a driver education course.

But a new survey says that risky behavior among young drivers may be growing increasingly common.

A major insurance company’s survey of teen drivers in Texas found that 52 percent of respondents have driven a car after drinking or rode with a friend who had been consuming alcohol.

An overwhelming 88 percent say they send text messages and talk on their cell phones while operating the car – habits that many industry experts say contribute to accidents on the road.

This data is particularly alarming because the insurance company notes that “summer is the deadliest time of the year for teen drivers.”

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Posted: June 17, 2009

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